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The future is digital. Use the opportunities of digital technologies
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We support you in the digital transformation with our portfolio.
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With our portfolio, we support you on your way to becoming a digital company.

Strategies, Consulting

Digital Strategies

With a digital strategy, the digital transformation of a company is aligned holistically. Digital technologies and new methods are applied to products, processes or entire business models. The goal is to increase the digital maturity of a company. We support you with recognised process models in the development of a digital strategy.

Consulting, Project Management

Companies must constantly modernise themselves through new technologies. We constructively contribute our professional, technical and methodological expertise and support you in analysis, requirements engineering, architecture development, implementation and quality management.

We also support you in the planning, management and implementation of IT projects. From project assistance to overall project management, together we realise your project in a future-oriented manner and on schedule. In doing so, we follow international standards.


Contact person: Achim Kaiser, Head of Consulting
Contact: Phone +49 911 2726 507, E-Mail:

Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise Content Management

Data is the fuel for the digital age. For a long time now, all activities in a company have been generating data. Not only as documents, but increasingly also as files and data sets. These are processed, distributed and needed for decisions. Data thus becomes information and knowledge. Only with enterprise content management (ECM) can the diverse requirements be met.

We support you with our services in setting up and optimising your ECM:

  • Analysis and development of a ECM Strategy
  • Development of content structures, if necessary selection of business solutions
  • Automation of content processes, e.g. automated invoice processing
  • Enterprise Search
  • Application and system integration etc.

Solutions for ELO

We fully rely on the leading and powerful Enterprise Content Management System ELO ECM Suite.

As a certified technological cooperation partner from the very beginning, we regularly work on numerous projects with ELO Digital Office GmbH and its foreign subsidiaries and are an integral part of the ELO community.

Under the slogan "Solutions for ELO" we offer our Solutions for the ECM ELO in the areas of automation, integration, migration etc. For over 5 years, our proven products UDS for ELO and DMI for ELO etc. have had a broad installation base and have become an indispensable part of the project business.


Contact person: Piet Gürtler, Head ECM und Processs
Contact: Phone +49 911 2726 507, E-Mail:

Digitale Processes

Digitalise processes

Take the opportunity to increase your performance, improve your operational efficiency and adapt to the challenges of a digital world by automating and digitising processes. We support you with our services:

  • Analysis and optimisation of business processes
  • Digital implementation of business processes / workflow management
  • Conformity to quality management specifications, KPI management
  • Application and system integration etc.

Efficient due to optimal processes

Increase the performance and conformity of your processes, especially in administration and quality management.
We support you in digitising and optimising your processes.

  • Incoming mail, invoice processing
  • Quality management: document control, approvals
  • Complaint management
  • Change Management


Contact person: Piet Gürtler, Head of ECM and Processes
Contact: Phone +49 911 2726 507, E-Mail:

Software Development

Application Development

In agile business, new structures and opportunities emerge quickly and need to be supported with information and application structures. We develop powerful solutions for your requirements, from the idea to the development and operation of the system. We use recognised standards in software development, in project management as well as in quality management.

Benefit from our experience with modern business architectures, data analysis, big data, etc..

  • Software development all phases: Requirements analysis, design and development, documentation and testing of software solutions
  • Continuous maintenance and operation of software solutions according to SLA
  • Application and system integration etc.

Unleash potential benefits

Companies respond to permanent change (technologies, society, etc.) through a variety of change processes. This regularly creates potential benefits that can be utilised through the use of IT.

  • Close gaps in your application portfolio and increase your productivity
  • Replace legacy applications and reduce risks
  • Digitise your products / Smart products and improve your competitiveness
  • Integrate your applications and systems to reduce complexity


Contact person: Jochen Kaiser, Head of Software Development
Contact: Phone +49 911 2726 507, E-Mail:


In numerous projects, we developed individual and custom-fit solutions for our clients. Whether tracking systems for component tracking, laboratory management components, complex invoice projects or customer and product portals. Always another step towards the digital future.

Our customers include leading medium-sized companies and large corporations in the automotive industry, engine and mechanical engineering, the chemical industry, software technology and energy generation and supply, as well as other companies from various sectors.

References are available upon request.

STARCON GmbH: Advantage through digitization.

For more than 20 years, the consulting and software company STARCON GmbH has been supporting its customers as a professional, cooperative and pragmatic solution provider.

Our experts consult and develop solutions for our customers and accompany them through every phase of the lifecycle of their projects, from analysis and design to implementation and maintenance. Our goal is to support our customers with our expertise and experience in a constantly changing technological and business environment and to offer them added business value.

Industry expertise

Our experts are not only experienced software developers. They also benefit from the extensive expertise we have built up in our customers' specialist domains. These include automotive, energy, chemicals, medical technology and industry, among others.

Methodological competence

The expected result also depends on the use of suitable methods. We use recognized standards in product development, in project management as well as in quality management. We also have an insight into the relevant standards in the specialist domains.

Quality Management DIN EN ISO 9001

We have the highest demands on our work results in order to provide our customers with the highest quality. This is the guarantee for highest customer satisfaction. Our quality management is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

Partnerships, technologies

We are certified partners of reputed solution providers (Microsoft, ELO etc.) and use proven, investment-proof technologies. A wide variety of specialists are available in our network. As a partner we are also involved in research projects (Fraunhofer, BMWK).


The Management of STARCON GmbH has extensive management skills and technical expertise and also provides operational support to the team.

Achim Kaiser, Head of Administration, Consulting
Jochen Kaiser, Head of Technologies, Development
Piet Gürtler, Head of Projects, Partners


Our consultants and developers are highly motivated and have excellent technical and implementation skills from a wide range of disciplines. Their specialization and experience guarantee you, the customer, efficient development, implementation and support of your projects.



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